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Apple’s late founder Steve Jobs once said, "I believe everybody in this country should discover ways to program a computer since it teaches you how exactly to think." Today, a coding education does a lot more than that-it makes your own future self employable.

One researcher discovered that one in 25 CEOs studied exhibited enough signature traits to qualify as a psychopath.

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The arrest this week of the California man police believe may be the "Golden State Killer" reminded me that pop culture did an abysmal job of showing us what psychopaths are actually like.

Psychopaths aren’t all bloodthirsty serial killers, nor are they inherently cruel or violent; some, actually, are actually in a position to use their particular traits to get ahead in life, whether which means seizing political power, accumulating wealth and social prestige or, sometimes, creating excellent businesses.

Cloud computing is inexorably pushing the world to a built-in economy that politics can slow however, not stop.

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The dotcom boom of the 1990s was a glorious and wonderfully chaotic time. When it began, nobody really knew that there is any such thing going on as a “dotcom boom,” they just knew that there is something exciting and disruptive happening, plus they wanted in. Only an extremely small couple of visionaries truly saw the entire scope of what it had been and how it could change the world.

Terrible timing has certainly contributed to a hard start for Jeffrey Katzenberg’s mobile-video platform, but maybe it is not just that.

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I’ll come right out and say that I believe Quibi is a confusing name. But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I want to explain. Good names are often only good in the rearview mirror. At that time they are manufactured, they seem risky and sometimes dumb. Are Google and Apple inherently good names, or do they have the advantage of a rosy rear view? Most likely the latter.

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When startups begin their tenure inside our SMALL COMPANY Innovation Program, we typically provide them with a “Sprint Kit.” Included is a couple of exercises from the favorite Design Sprint framework, which requires a critical look at a company’s service or product.

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The Sprint Kit helps gauge whether a startup comes with an actual problem-solution fit and, ultimately, a product-market fit. In a nutshell, it answers the question of whether a proposed business is actually of value to its intended customers — or, as the word goes, a solution searching for a problem.

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In late 2013, Cowboy Ventures did an analysis of U.S.-based tech companies were only available in the last a decade that are actually valued at $1 billion. They found 39 of the companies, that they called the "Unicorn Club."

This article summarized 10 key lessons from the Unicorn Club. Surprisingly, among the "learnings" said that, "…the ‘big pivot’ after you start with a different initial product can be an outlier. Nearly 90 percent of companies will work on the original product vision. The four ‘pivots’ after a different initial product were all in consumer companies (Groupon, Instagram, Pinterest and Fab)."

It’s only natural that companies turn to psychological assessment tests in the hopes of improving the accuracy and validity of their recruitment processes.

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It’s not really a new phenomenon. Psychological tests have already been found in employee selection processes since World War I.

Determining how exactly to reduce turnover, increase productivity and more accurately predict employee performance has been and remains an objective of just about any organization.

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This book takes readers through a 360-degree perspective of social media in businesses.

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Perhaps you have ever wondered if its easier to give a discount predicated on the dollar-amount off the most common price (e.g., $50 off), or a share off (e.g., 30% off)? Which gets an improved response?

You want your offer to sound as irresistible as possible, and you’ll think you know how exactly to do this, but sometimes what sort of mind processes data doesn’t maximize logical sense.

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Show me an ecommerce website that hasn’t faced hosting woes, and I’ll show you one which doesn’t sell something!

Should you have an effective ecommerce website with a reliable flow of traffic and sporadic traffic bursts, you then may have had reasons to be dissatisfied together with your hosting solution. Uptime and speed aside, there are lots of other issues such as for example poor customer support, DDoS attacks and server-management issues that can irk you. With so many hosting solution providers, there is absolutely no reason why you have to be suffering for this.

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With my kids now in elementary school, I find myself back playing the same board games I was raised playing. Surprisingly, most of the game’s strategy could be implemented in the startup world.

Below are a few lessons entrepreneurs can study from the overall game of Monopoly.

Passing GO (the faster the better). The more times you pass GO in Monopoly, the faster you can collect $200 to reinvest into your game. So high rolls and speed are clearly in your advantage.