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Gap was once so cool that Sharon Stone wore among its turtlenecks to the Oscars.

But as consumers considered cheaper fast-fashion alternatives, Gap didn’t catch up. In age Instagram and instant fashion, the retailer’s designs feel dated.

Now, America’s largest apparel retailer is getting into a turnaround intend to recapture cool customers by reinventing its supply chain to contend with brands like H&M, Zara, and Forever 21. It is also overhauled marketing and made key hires.

The ultimate way to achieve big goals is to reward yourself for progress each step of just how.

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Gamification is turning an activity into a game as a way to motivate you to ultimately do it. The wonder of gamification is that the issue of an activity (or how dreary it may look) could be offset in the event that you feel rewarded for completing it.

Gamification works since it creates a feeling to be rewarded every time we complete an activity — however small it can be. It creates our progress feel tangible, which spurs us to keep pushing.

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Gamification is all too often confused with gaming; of course, gamification makes things more pleasurable. But it addittionally increases engagement and motivation and stimulates users to exceed their limits to win something.

And gamification could make a mundane task like completing employment application fun, creative, competitive and interesting. Says Jessica Miller-Merrel, a recruiting veteran and founder of, “Injecting fun into a thing that is generally viewed as boring or task orientated not merely can increase engagement but also drive innovation and productivity, which is something your company desperately needs.”

The Netflix of the gaming world aquires gaming journalism site Shacknews, adding media to its set of specialties.

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We’ve seen a lot of media and video game-related acquisitions recently, including Ziff-Davis’ sale of popular gaming site 1UP to Hearst Corporation’s UGO Entertainment and the closing of the fabled Activision/Vivendi (and, by proxy, Activision/Blizzard) merger. Now you can mark your scorecards for the next big gaming media acquisition of 2009, as Gamefly has found the gaming journalism site Shacknews.

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It is now time of year when business strategists are asked to provide their take on the continuing future of the net and online entrepreneurship generally. I’ve been asked a minimum of twelve times between October and the finish of December to prognosticate on paper about trends and predictions for the upcoming year. Also to date, I’ve successfully dodged that literary bullet.

But since I’m writing today about game theory, I thought I would segue into that topic by predicting that 2011 will be exactly like 2010, with an increase of of the same plus some new stuff sprinkled set for good measure.

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In the last year or two, it has become progressively more apparent that there surely is a battle occurring in the social mobile universe for the attention of sports fans.

No-one could argue that just how viewers consume sports and entertainment is evolving. Remember watching NBA games before HD? Or what it had been like to be with out a smartphone during college football Saturday? Remember when Twitter was a terrific way to read 140 character posts about live events when you watched them on TV?

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Drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), certainly are a hot ticket in Silicon Valley, but U.S. government dithering over regulations has given overseas companies a head-start in determining how better to exploit them.

Global shelling out for drones could soon add up to near $100 billion over another decade, with commercial uses – from farming and filming to pipelines and parcels – accounting for about an eighth of this market, according to BI Intelligence.

Black Stallion Winery is probably the latest additions to Napa Valley’s newly designated Oak Knoll District.

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Black Stallion Winery Napa, California

Situated on a picturesque stretch of the Silverado Trail, Black Stallion Winery recalls the rustic charm of early California. The winery can be found due to a historic equestrian center, which underwent extensive renovation. Black Stallion Winery is among Napa’s newest, having just opened its massive wooden doors to the general public in the summertime of 2007.

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Smaller businesses can set themselves in addition to the competition by concentrating on four areas of trust that may serve as the cornerstones for creating a solid reputation with customers and drawing their loyalty.

My consulting company Total Trust developed this set of four qualities through research involving surveys and interviews with representatives of Fortune 500 companies over a lot more than twenty years:

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Maybe it had been Independence Day, our annual celebratation of freedom from an oppressive British crown a lot more than 200 years back, that got me considering "liberty,” however in the weeks because the Fourth of July my thoughts have considered a more personal sort of breaking free.

Do I allow myself the most crucial kind of liberty that exists? Am I struggling to liberate from my former self?