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Black Stallion Winery is probably the latest additions to Napa Valley’s newly designated Oak Knoll District.

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Black Stallion Winery Napa, California

Situated on a picturesque stretch of the Silverado Trail, Black Stallion Winery recalls the rustic charm of early California. The winery can be found due to a historic equestrian center, which underwent extensive renovation. Black Stallion Winery is among Napa’s newest, having just opened its massive wooden doors to the general public in the summertime of 2007.

The inspiration for Black Stallion Winery’s name originated from the fabled history of the region that surrounds it. Horse and cattle ranching dominated the spot around the Silverado Trail through the entire 1800s. Through the 1900s, a lot of the open land was changed into vineyards. Over 50 years back, the Silverado Horseman’s Center–a sprawling 32-acre equestrian center–was on the winery grounds. The initial facilities housed an inside riding track and a patio arena that seated 3,000 spectators–the actual site where Francis Ford Coppola filmed a memorable scene from Apocalypse Now. The house also included a half-mile race track, recreation buildings, an exclusive paddock, riding trails, and a stallion breeding facility. The indoor riding track featured 36 horse stalls and a grandstand for training, boarding, and riding events. Remnants of the initial horse stalls remain visible on the stone walls of the facility, which includes been retrofitted to accommodate the winery’s production operations.

Black Stallion Winery is focused on crafting exquisite, ultra-premium wines that reflect the elegance and complexity of the newly appointed Oak Knoll District, where in fact the winery stands. This appellation is distinguished by a temperate mezzo-climate that’s frequently cooler than other parts of the Napa Valley. The winery’s estate vineyards are being planted with a number of different clones of Cabernet Sauvignon which will support Black Stallion’s philosophy of fabricating balance and complexity by blending small lots. The existing portfolio contains nine different varietals, including a Cabernet Sauvignon, a Chardonnay, and a dessert wine. Total case production for Black Stallion Winery is 3,800 cases. All Black Stallion wines can be purchased exclusively on location at the winery or through its website.

People to Black Stallion Winery enter through a drive flanked by century-old olive trees leading to a circular fountain featuring an extraordinary ten-foot bronze sculpture of a black stallion frozen in motion. Inside, a sizeable mahogany-trimmed tasting room awaits, with an extended circular tasting bar taking center stage. The lofty ceiling emits a lot of day light and a crackling fireplace encourages guests to take their time at the tasting bar.

Besides this breathtaking space, the winery’s hospitality center offers two private tasting rooms and an exclusive lounge for club members. The grand private dining area, aptly named the Barrel Room, is lined with stacks of barrels. Glass walls and tall glass doors on both ends of the area allow visitors to consider both central tasting room and the barrel-aging cellar. The 20-foot high, coved burgundy ceiling was made to emulate a wine barrel’s interior. Many private event opportunities, including private tastings, lunches, and dinners can be found on the spectacular estate, which is situated just minutes from the city of Napa. What things to Buy: ’07 Sauvignon Blanc

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