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Q: When a business owner includes a small team and incredibly little resources, how does he show effective traction? -Parth Mishra

A: To begin with, good to see that you will be thinking such as demonstrating some traction. There is real value in adopting this process vs. simply turning up with a concept (even if it’s well researched) drafted on a paper. Investors value having the ability to see some proof concept and traction before committing funding — even in the first days. They respect founders that are resourceful and able show this with little resources, since it helps demonstrate your scrappiness as a team.

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Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

There’s an excellent chance that sometime this month you purchased pizza. Think back again to why you bought from that one restaurant. There is a reason–a very specific reason–whether you realized it or not. Maybe it had been the taste, the positioning, the delivery speed, the purchase price or various other value the restaurant offered you.